The Countdown Begins

T-minus 31 days until I am fun-employed, 42 days until we move our entire lives and a business into a shipping container, 46 days until our flight to Phoenix AZ, and finally 50 days until our flight to Bogota, Columbia and our adventure truly begins.

So many things still exist on our list(s). Lists is plural because we have to many things to do and too many categories of things to do to fit them all on to one list. Its daunting, and with Christmas just about to happen, I am clearly planning on ignoring all but the most pressing until afterwards. Planning on settling down to read these beauties over the holiday.

  1. Don’t Go There. It’s Not Safe. You’ll Die. And Other More Rational Advice for Overlanding Mexico and Central America.
  2. Lonely Planet Columbia

We have yet to truly begin investigating any county in micro, or any of the detailed paperwork and legalities that we are sure to be frustrated by over each land border.

This is surely going to be one wild lead up to one wild adventure.





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