40 ft of Success

If you saw our house right now, you’d probably think to yourself something along the lines of post-apocalyptic, gear-whore, or maybe simply “oh god”. It looks like the world has exploded.

But good news everybody! Our 40 ft shipping container has arrived as of this morning. It landed in the most picturesque landscape, mountains, rivers and horses running around in the fields. Thanks Squamish, this storage place seriously has a better view then we ever did.



This is the container dance.

Tomorrow we move every packed box, bag and basket to the container. Then over the coming week goes all of Best Coast and all of the shop .We have been trying to eat all the food and strange liquors left in our cupboards as well, eating a lot of rice and mixing strange drinks concocted of mint, cherry and apricot liquors.

This evening we tried to pack out adventure bags, it got complicated. Our list isn’t very long, although I’m sure we can even get by on much less. We have a few final things to sort out, a whisper light, a small computer, and plans. We really need to plan Columbia…but that seems so far off – I mean like a week into the future. That is a future Brett and Jessica problem.

Also – good news everyone – Jessica isn’t pregnant! All the mothers requested I get tested before I go into Zika infested countries. Thanks Mom(s)!



Concrete Trip Budget

Middle of January, and the plot of our adventure is beginning to materialize into something concrete. Its not so much a distant dream anymore, but reality.

We are slowly crossing things off our list: gear is being purchased and wrangled (Spring suits from Rip Curl, hammocks, fancy new Sony Alpha 7 Mirrorless Camera);  shutting down and turning off all the bills that are necessary in Canada but not internationally; working on what exactly is required for vehicle imports…

Most excitingly, at least for me as I am a giant nerd, I put together an in-depth and hopefully somewhat accurate 6 month budget. Thanks to LifeRemotely (again) for providing the format for this budget.


FOOD COSTS:  budgeted for one meal at a local restaurant per day, and either cooking or eating from street stalls for the other meals. Obviously this budget includes beer. That’s vital.

LODGING: This budget is based off a private room in a hostel (the days of me staying in noisy, smelly, cramped dorms is quickly passing).We have decided not to lug a tent around either but will each be bringing a lightweight hammock when we decide to cheapout on lodging or that we don’t want to snuggle. We are also expecting that after purchase of our fancy new truck we will be able to camp out even more frequently and have less chance of getting mugged by tent robbers.

TRANSPORT: Extremely difficult to budget based around fluctuating diesel prices, unknown KMs driven per day, and the fact that we have no clue what sort of mileage our vehicle will have. I seriously guesstimated based on length of stay within the country and current fuel prices. For example, we plan to drive very quickly through Belize (its un-belizeably expensive!), so our daily transport cost would be quite high.

SPENDING/ACTIVITY: Are we renting surf boards? Did we run out of sunscreen? What about that crazy thing up on that mountain that we want to jump off?!  On the days we drive, we likely will save money on activities and vice-versa.

Basic plan is to take out required cash for the following 2 weeks, and function within that total which will allow for daily fluctuations between spending more from one category and less in another. At the end of the 2 weeks if we are over budget then we tighten our belts, eat only rice and beans and sleep in a cardboard box with a street dog for the next budget period.

Unfortunately we have to continue paying absurd monthly costs for our basic health coverage here in BC. I still find it insane that as Canadians we pay for coverage in this province. But be warned, although you can suspend your monthly MSP payments it could drastically affect your travel insurance if you discontinue .

The planning continues!