Extortion in Columbia… By Canada?

Here! Bogota by night seems dark. Nothing much to report other then everything went smoothly on our flight from Pheonix and apon arrival into the El Derado airport we were unceremoniously exhorted by the Canadian government .. That’s right by the Canadian government. We are privileged enough to pay a Platinum passport processing fee (80$) by Colombian immigration because they are reciprocating a initiative by the Canadian government against Columbian visitors…. Let’s just all be free friends!

Tomorrow we cross all our fingers and toes and head to fedex to complete the adventure of the laptop. Shipped around the world in a desperate attempt to catch up with us. Thanks to all our willing friends who shuffled it from place to place on route. After that much better blog posts with photos to follow.

Staying at Buenavida Hostal in Canderleria (Bogota), which has a kitty so I think we will stay.


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