Cactus Family

UPDATE: Computer arrived safe and sound, and Brett and I successfully navigated the amazing Bogota bus system to retrieve it from the Maximum Security Prison… err I mean Fed-ex building. They really take their security seriously there.  You can thank this image heavy post to our fancy new piece of machinery.

Phoenix, AZ, USA
Feb 7-10

Made a pit stop on route to Colombia to catch up with some of Jessica’s family in Phoenix. Also to slowly acclimatize to the heat. Lovely to visit with Michal and Sam (Jessica’s Uncle and Aunt) plus bonus for having Granny there too!

Phoenix also allowed us to go on a last minute shopping spree at REI and secure all the missing items we didn’t have time or ability to find in Canada. Lets face it we are gear whores, just gear whores that cry after a USD conversion.


Took a little hike one day at the reserve behind Michal and Sam’s house, the view was pretty great and you could only hear the occasional bird. No highway buzz, or other people. We kept imaging such a massive park within Vancouver city limits and how swamped it would be. Thankfully on this day it was only us.


Can’t get enough of the desert, find something new around every turn.


We also made sure to check out the Desert Botanical Garden with Granny. The garden has which has over 21,000 plants. Mostly cacti. Its glorious. Martian cacti for as far as you can see. Mother nature has a cruel sense of humour, especially when it comes to those things dry and prickly. For example there is a cacti called the Cholla, which looks like a messed up burdock only 3 feet high and it jumps. Or there is a vine cacti… terrifying.


We ended a too-short visit (seriously should have stayed longer) with a delicious dinner with all the family. Thanks so much for your hospitality, we are entirely spoiled.



One thought on “Cactus Family”

  1. Thanks for the update re: the Phoenix visit. Granny Young (and Michael and Sandy (Sam) also said it was very enjoyable.

    Jess sent an email indicating you have left Bogota for a desert somewhere… in future could you please provide a bit more detail so that if we don’t hear from you we at least know where to start looking? Like the name of the village or province or place name?

    Love Mom (McKeil)


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