Botero’s Babes

Feb 10-13
Bogota, Colombia

Arrived late into Bogota’s airport and had a relatively smooth if overpriced transport to the hostel. Stayed at Buenavista Hostal in La Candelaria district (the historic sector). May or may not have squished a bed bug on the wall. Then spent 3 beautiful days exploring around the area. Bogota is a bit over whelming do to its sheer size, spans an entire valley and up into the hillsides, so we kept it mainly to the old district which has most of the interesting bits.

Toured the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), which was spectacular entry into the history of this place. Gold Gold everywhere! We cannot believe that thousands of years ago the pre-Columbian peoples were such fine goldsmiths. Better then some these days. Also, thinking about the amount of gold held by this museum, versus all the gold that private collectors must have & whats still buried treasure can really boggle the mind. The piece de-resistance was the final room, completely dark and circular. Once inside the room rotates closed. Total darkness. Slowly shamanic music plays, sounds of water lapping and lights flicker over the walls incased in glass holding a fantastical display of found gold offerings. Thousands of pieces. All found within 3 lakes surrounding Bogota where the peoples used to make offerings from a raft into the waters.

We are not big on museums  while traveling (much to the disappointment of Jessica’s mother), but we hit up one more in Bogota – Museo de Botero. Botero is one of Colombia’s most famous artists, focusing mainly on babes. Voluptuous babes. His paintings really do a lady justice. Best of all, this gallery was free!

DSC00603DSC00597 DSC00591

We attempted to hike Monte Serrate (about the height and grandeur of the Chief in Squamish, but looks over the entirety of Bogota), but were notified that it was closed for renovations we must take (pay) the Cable car. So fine! We did it. View was garbage.


We ate a Plato Mixto of meats, which included Capybara (largest rodent on earth). It tasted great but we couldn’t actually figure out which was the big rat out of all the other BBQ.

Unfortunately on the last night in Bogota Jessica beat her own personal best and got sick within 3 days of being in a new country. We still can’t figure out what was the culprit , but rest assured the issue resolved itself quickly.

At 10AM we decided to quit Bogota and hit up another town, bus left at 11AM. After getting our taxi driver to go “rapido” we arrived at the bus station with 5 mins to spare. BAM.




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