Cocorna Adventure

Feb 26-28

We’ve arrived safe and sound into the city of Medellin and found it much more agreeable to our senses then other larger cities we’ve experienced in Colombia. Not that the other cities were not-agreeable, but Medellin is just so great. It has a great metro system, great food, its clean and again as in all of Colombia the people are just so nice.

The city is nestled within a valley, surrounded by mountains and the city climbs up all around you. It makes you feel comforted. Its lovely and green in this city.

We stayed in the Laureles Barrio for the first few nights while we explored the center and met up with some of Brett’s friends. The center of Medellin is a warren of wheelers and dealers, mostly dealing sneakers. If you need to up your sneaker game, seriously this is the city for you. There is some great style here, mainly jeans, sneakers and ridiculous english on t-shirts (“EggNog made me do it”)

We visited the Museo de Antioquia, located within the Parque Berrio and surrounded by more Botero’s then you can imagine. Our affection of Botero has only grown as we have seen more and more of his work.

We like the dirty bits the most.


During the height of the violence here in Medellin, this dove was blown up by guerillas (1995). It killed a few dozen and injured many more. Botero wanted this to stand beside the replacement Dove in testimony to the violence the city has over come.


Although only in the city for 2 nights, it was time to head out into the mountains to a finca (aka farm/cabin/rental house) for a big weekend fiesta with a huge crew of kayakers and adventurers here in Medellin. The small mountain town of Cocorna is one of our new favorite spots here, so many activities to do and not many gringos to distract from the view.

On Saturday Brett finally got his kayak on. It has been a long road of slogging his gear around, but it was worth it. The Rio Cocorna was a great intro into Colombian rivers. It was a steep creeky boulder garden with the low water that was running. Tons of fun drops with beautiful surroundings, only made better by the beers at the take out. Success! Brett is eagerly awaiting the next river – potentially the Samana.

Not to be out-done, Jessica also got her adventure on Saturday. (Mom, you need to stop reading here). She headed up the mountain to the mirador with the other half of the party to fly over the valley and city of Cocorna. Medellin region is a paragliding mecca, and with so many experienced flyers in the party… why not? After all it was only 100,000 pesos or $40 CDN. Running off a mountain isn’t as terrifying as you would think. Its entirely peaceful floating with the birds, catching a thermal up a mountain and gliding a km above the earth. especially when your pilot only speaks spanish. Just don’t think about the strings, fabric and science holding you up.

A little peek at the take off location.


(Not Jessica) Flying.

IMG_20160227_122203IMG_20160227_142203The crew!

The kayaking division and the flying division met up for a sexy waterfall hangout afterwards. Beers, swimming, a natural waterslide and excellent company in the most beautiful place on earth. Dreams do come true!

Cocorna Company, straight chillin’… everyone secretly getting burnt but that would come later.

IMG_20160227_163755PANO_20160227_163845The natural waterslide kicking everyone’s ass.


Really we cannot get enough of how beautiful it was here.IMG_20160227_163702


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