Rest and Relaxation in Medellin

Feb 25 – March 7

We have been in (or around) Medellin now since Feb 25th. We’ve moved into Envigado officially, a neighborhood perched on this hillside of the city. We have a side suite to ourselves and are spending out time with the Expedition Colombia crew. Not only do these guys know how to host, they know how to build one hell of an adventure.

Medellin is big. So big that we are trying not to get overwhelmed with all the touristy options available to us. We are here to reset, take our time and breathe from what has been a bit of a hectic travel schedule. Medellin will be our longest stop in Colombia, so we want to make sure we balance the exploration and the relaxation. Also the eating, this city has some great food. Chorizos, Chicharrons, Roscons, crossants, Pollo Broaster etc. There is so many delicious new things to try and very few vegetables.

All the girls in the house went on a shopping expedition last week to El Centro. Some highlights include buying croc decorations for the croc wearers, sweatpants with “Yeezus” across the crotch, blinged out overalls, and addidas kicks for 20 bones. Are they real? Who knows!

Every night brings new people to the house, so every night is a bit of a party here. That also means there are always new people to explore with. On Thursday last week we did an epic adventure via public transit up the mountain to Santa Elena. I am talking epic: Taxi, Metro, Cable car #1, Cable car #2, bus and 1.5 hours later we were in a picturesque mountain town. Just like that….. and just in time for us to turn around and come back before the last cable car. It was beautiful, and a feat of public transportation made only slightly nauseating by rush hour and sweat.

The cable car has literally transformed the barrio’s they service, for the first time they brought mass-transportation to poorly serviced areas and made it easy for these growing neighborhoods to access the rest of medellin. IMG_20160303_135432

Shortly after switching to the second accent cable car, the city completely disappears.


Did I mention that all the public transit cost us was $5 CDN?  A cheap way to access the mountains, and breathe some non-diesel fumed air. This is the center square of Santa Elana, I’d love to tell you more about it but we literally had to turn around and leave.DSC01017

Chugging juice and looking exhilarated during our brief stay.DSC01031

Sweaty and not one bit excited for the long trip home.DSC01038

Next time, we will plan better, leave earlier and stay awhile.


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