Vida Tranquila

March 15 – March 22
Costeno Beach Surf & Ecolodge

Sometimes after a hectic and bumpy road of traveling you need a little space and a little sand to clear your head. We have determined that there really is a difference between traveling and vacationing, but we did this by by accident. We hadn’t even seen the ocean yet, its been 6 weeks here in Colombia, so finally we scheduled some beach time on the Caribbean Coast at a small hostel located west of Parque Tayrona.


As soon as we got there, it became very evident that we hadn’t been properly relaxing yet on this trip. Suddenly we were at Costeno Beach Surf & Ecolodge, not wearing shoes, sleeping in hammocks, playing in the waves, and not having any reliable access to wifi. The beach also happens to have possibly the only surf on this coast (messy but constant beach break). We made great friends with the volunteer staff and other travelers, because really what else do you do without wifi?!

The first joke we learned, and was often repeated, “What exciting things did you do today?” replied with “Nothing!”. The second joke is that everyone, and we mean everyone, showed up planning to stay maybe 2 nights and then ended up staying as long as their future plans would possibly allow. Ours ended up being a week.


We only have good things to say about this beach. If you are reading this, please go. We literally didn’t put on shoes for 7 days. Besides Brett’s birthday when everyone partied hard (…bedtime 1am) everyone mainly drifted to sleep by 11pm and was up with the sun at 6am. Rest assured for Brett’s big day there was lots of dancing, costeno shots (rum shot followed by a lime, dipped in ground coffee and sugar) and skinny dipping involved.

Brett is old now, 27. This is how managed to cope with the following day.


At some point he also fell asleep without fully bug proofing himself in a mosquito net. There are over fifty on this area of his body, we’ve counted.DSC01368

During our stay, day 5 or so, Beach fever started to set in. Chris (from Washington State) and some Germans collected a giant tire from the beach with which they developed many beach games for the rest of the day. Seeing grown men in a frenzy over a tire was a once in a life time experience.DSC01353DSC01322

Since we all extended our stay so long, we really built a little family with some great people. We commiserated over our bug bites, extensively discussed food, and compared our tans. Their laughter and skills tranquillo-ing will be sorely missed.

(Bro row: Steve, Mogali, Chris, Brett. Babe row: Vanessa, Virginia, Jessica)DSC01373

Although we may have missed some of the key aspects of Colombia due to Easter Holy Week, being distracted by other awesome aspects and late planning (we honestly haven’t even been to Cartegena – don’t judge) being able to stop and do nothing for a time was really good for our souls. The ability to contemplate life and its many intricacies exponentially increases with an ocean view and no internet. In only a few days we will be off to Panama for Adventure Part II and we will begin the overland portion of our journey.


PS. Beach Kitty Update: there were some. They were great.DSC01367IMG_20160317_142010


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