Colombia: Budget Recap

Total Days in Colombia: 42

Overall we were very close to being on budget, only $109 over for 42 days. As you can see in the break down below, we went a little too crazy on food and beer and underestimated transportation costs entirely.

Buses are very expensive in Colombia, and so is drinking. An over night bus can hit anywhere from 90000COP to 110000COP (between $35 -$50 CDN), which means as a couple, if we travel via bus there are days when our entire budget is eaten up by transit alone. Beers are typically $1.50 – $3CDN, but cocktails or anything fancy can get crazy. We’d recommend buying only the local rum and Aquardiente from a tienda rather then cocktails from a bar.

Food was also more expensive than we predicted, if you stick to cooking and only buying groceries from a local tienda or small market you can save tons. But in 2016, it seems as if even the comida typical (rice, meat, platain) can run over $10000 COP ($5 CDN). Again, we tended to share most plates as one of us is a very tiny eater and we can get away with it.

We were lucky in lodging as we had a very good deal from our friends in Medellin for 2 weeks, but if you are using this info for your own budgeting, you can find the same prices if you looked for dorms in the city, they might be even cheaper depending on season.

We did not include medicine, airplane tickets, most souvenir shopping or most adventure sports (paragliding, rafting etc) into our budget. These are considered one time expenses.

# Days Food / Beer Lodging Transport Spending / Activity Per Diem for 2 Total
 Budget  42  $15.00  $30.00  $5.00  $20.00  $70.00  $2940.0
Actual  42 $25.47 $16.79 $13.19 $16.41 $72.60 $3,049.25

One thought on “Colombia: Budget Recap”

  1. oops, coming home early then? LOL. Loving these reports you two, keep on having fun and letting us know. Spring has sprung on the farm – first day of spring my VERY PATIENT turkey hen hatched a chick. she now has 5 and we have sequestered her into the turkey house that the rest of the turkeys ignore anyway. we have two remaining sheep (sad story, will tell you one day) – both of whom appear pregnant. when they will produce babies is a mystery to everyone including the vet who came for the sad story. lots of baby bunnies in the bunny shed. am avoiding starting chicken eggs until I will be home from Chicago.
    LOVE YOU. Aunti T.


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