A Pause

There has been a pause in our blog recently, but only because life is seemingly on hold until our truck is ready and Brett returns for the voyage north. Plus, the MacBook returns with Brett and posting is must easier with it.

The Ecolodge continues to amaze me, really settled into being relaxed. I’m unsure what I’m going to do when I have to work a real job again….

Export paperwork continues to chug away. More on that later, as its really a tale onto itself.

Pablo, the truck, is also plugging away at the mechanics, because why not just get an entirely new engine for fun. Right? This is also another tale for another post.

Just know that the voyage continues at the end of April, and our small misadventures wrangling together a functional and exportable truck in Panama end are looking up and extremely hilarious in retrospect.

stay tuned!


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