First Steps into Costa Rica

It seems strange to think that our overlanding has begun. It was so long in the making: a year of planning and saving; months of research; months of paperwork and delays in Panama….. And then suddenly and to be honest, very unexpectedly, we were in Costa Rica.

We didn’t say anything in the truck for the first 30 minutes. It was too surreal.

We drove to Dominicalito, an old surfing haunt of ours (good beginner waves on a high tide by the way) and set up camp. By the way, its also free although I would not leave your vehicle for the day, as with many surfer spots we think thief is possible.


For the first time in months we feasted on a giant salad, and did not forget to celebrate by the box load of Clos (“Its not wine, but its Clos”).

That night our tent and patience really were tested. There was a torrential downpour. BUCKETS. And a very unhappy kitty in our increasingly wet tent. She politely decided to shit the bed at 2AM. Thank god she is so cute.


And then, in the morning, we were off!


Peace Costa Rica! You are beautiful, but we’ve seen you before and you are much to pricey for our now reduced pockets. We’ve got bigger and more exotic (in our minds) fish to fry north of you.


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