Quick and Dirty

It is with great trepidation that we decided to skip Honduras and El Salvador this time around. Not only are we a little strapped for time (thanks Panama and Pablo), we are trying to plan longer periods at fewer destinations in order to enjoy each location more. Oh, and our familiars seemed terrified of both these countries. The more we read on the internet, the more we also were terrified. Gangs! Extortion! Road Blocks! Robberies… really scary stuff online.

However, internet, you were wrong. These countries and the borders seemed great, even if we were only in Honduras for 4 hours it was smooth sailing for us. Literally no issues as we crossed from Nicaragua into Honduras and then into El Salvador in the same day. BAM!

In Honduras we had armed ourselves with the warning triangles and fire extinguisher as we had heard police checkpoints love to extort tourists for missing these items… but nearly every police checkpoint was abandoned and the military just waved us through. Maybe it was a holiday? Maybe it was just our lucky day?

In anycase Honduras has great Pollo Frito, and great beers.

IMG_20160620_120022The second border, into El Salvador, wasn’t exactly the swiftest border crossing, but honestly it was smooth, had no lines or ‘fixers’. It was just a bit convoluted and as we decided to cross with only a 24 hr permit rather then something more touristy we therefore ended up with the transport trucks.

It was a hot in that line up.


In El Salvador, we drove as far as we could into the country but didn’t make our goal. It was getting dark, and we were getting nervous. FYI, for anyone reading this that might be trying to drive through El Salvador there are literally no options for hotels between San Miguel and San Vicente. Don’t even try going into San Vicente….we tried, literally no hotels in the town. Thankfully, a few options came up and they were all of the Auto-Hotel Variety. $10 USD for 3 hours if you know what I’m saying. Our room had a disco ball, a scene from New York pasted to the wall, and a toilet paper dispenser over the bed. Oh, and a mirror on the other side of the bed. Sexy. Sorry no pictures… 😉

And then, thats it! We left. Catch ya on the flip side El Salvador and Honduras.

On to the next one.


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