Who are we?

See our personal blurbs on this page.

Where are we going?

Phase I:
Columbia and Ecuador

Phase II:
Panama then North! And by North we mean every single country – Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, USA and home.

Why are we going?


What the hell are we doing?

Surfing! Kayaking! Hiking! Driving (…a lot of driving).  We plan to better ourselves and each other in every way we can. We’ll scheduled some intensive Spanish lessons, we will surf every-damn-day, Brett will kayak every big river he can and I will kayak every little river I can.

When are we traveling? 

Leaving Feb 2016 to return sometime at the end of July 2016.

How are we getting there?

Flying to Columbia, did we tell you about what a great deal we had?

How to contact us?

ihaveemail@gmail.com  / Jessica McKeil
brett.j.easton@gmail.com / Brett Easton

We’ll have a phone at some point – stay tuned.

How did we get into a position “at our age” to travel this long?

Well, we didn’t buy any houses in the Vancouver housing market. So saved a bunch of money that way. We also don’t have children, that helps. Brett owns his own business, and Jessica saved until she couldn’t save anymore for about a year. With these powers combined – we travel!

Are we going to get kidnapped?

No. No plans to get kidnapped.





(n) when you get to where you were intending to go, but forget why you were going in the first place

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